Golf Greens Leveling Device
                                    A new revelation to the golfing world
Guess what?  Every one of these golfers have the
GGLD attached to their putters.  They are using it
in every way they can to reveal the lie of the land
showing the direction it leans and how much.

The golf world was not prepared for this huge innovation to the often used plumb bob method of reading the greens.  In fact the tremendous amount of additional information this simple but unique unit gives the golfer is unbelievable.  Here is a unit that costs less than twenty dollars, easily attaches to  the putter and is as simple to use as taking a club out of the bag.

For decades the pro golfers have used the plumb bob method
to determine the way the ball is going to roll toward the hole on
the greens.  To better explain the plumb bob method; let us begin
by first asking you if when watching golf tournaments you have
seen some golfers hold their putter up hanging it loosely while
looking at their putt from behind the ball to hole.  Knowing that a
plumb bob is virtually a string with a weight (nail) attached to the
bottom and when you hang it loosely it gives you an exact
verticality; a straight line top to bottom due to the very simply
natural force of gravity that causes the weight to point to the
center of the earth.

Consequently when one holds the top of the putter (as shown above) allowing it to hang freely it shows a perfect vertical line.  However to be very honest and to quote many excellent and great golfers, no one seems to know what they see and how it helps.  Hence the birth of the GGLD and how it gives credence and meaning to the attempts to see the direction and how much the green leans.  With the GGLD when the tines are opened they fall alongside the vertical shaft of the putter, at an exact 90 degree angle.  Therefore when the putter is hanging in a plumb bob position you get a perfect vertical line (putter shaft) and a perfect horizontal line (extended tines) showing a true land level.

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