Here We Are at the Golf Course

 They are both excited and
happy because they have the
    GGLD on their putter

         GUESS WHAT?
  Both these putts went into
the hole because they figured
the undulations in the greens
 with the stupendous GGLD

 This golfer is elated because
  his ball landed on the green
  and rolled towards the hole
finishing 3 feet away because
           of the GGLD
 This golfer is happy because
his ball found the center of the
fairway and he found the lean
        through the GGLD

The GGLD can do all this and even more.  It can help you to determine the proper position your putter head must be in relation to the ball when getting ready to putt.  This is a mistake many golfers make because the eye does not always give them the proper position.  With the GGLD it is a breeze because it is most always on the money.  How can you possibly do without it?
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