I really believe that every golfer who is serious about lowering their score will
have one of these golf greens leveling devices in their bag.  It is versatile and
dependable to the highest degree.  To those using the GGLD I wish you good
luck and I know you will be a better golfer for it.
A Personal Note!
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The golfing world is in for a great addition that
will revolutionize the way; the golfer views the
fairway off the tee; they view the green on the
approach shot; they read the greens and finally
the way they determine the proper putter head
address to the ball before the putt.  This is a very
great amount of information golfers have never
had the opportunity to avail themselves of.before.
The inventor has implemented all the proper items
needed to solidify the GGLD and make it almost
invincible.   This is quite an advantage given to the
average casual and weekend golfer.  It is known
that the unit cannot be sanctioned by the USGA
as all the other training units invented through the
years.  However the difference here is that this
unit can be used during the amateur golfers play
when not involved in any official USGA event. 
This writer has had the opportunity to use the
Golf Greens Leveling Device and found it to be
extremely efficient and definitely does everything
the company states it will do for the golfer.  I do
believe that it is truly a great innovation to the  
golfing world.  The unit attaches to the putter
in a very simply way.  It is well fastened and
when opened with the two tines down, are in
a perfect 90 degree angle to the perpendicular
of the putter shaft.  Now when the putter is
hung as a plumb bob the open tines will show
a perfect land level.  Consequently when it is
held in line with either the fairway or the green
or any part of the course the golfer is playing
into it reveals the direction and amount of lean.
Finally on the green it is invaluable in showing
the many undulations and leans on the green. 
After the golfer has determined the direction
they feel the path of the ball should follow to
sink the putt; they will leave one tine down that
is also at a 90 degree angle to the face of the
putter; it then becomes a pointer.  When the 
golfer points to the path desired, automatically
the head is now perfectly positioned to putt the
ball in that right direction.  This to me was a
very important result obtained from the GGLD
and it helped quite a bit in lowering my score.