GGLD Product Information

The GGLD is simple but a most ingenious piece of equipment.   Its uses are multiple and extremely rewarding to the better or average amateur golfer.   The pros would love to be able to use it.

To begin, let me explain that the commercial you saw was using the older version of the GGLD.  As you have seen in the previous page, we have modified it to be much simpler, easier to attach and much smaller to accommodate the bag.  We spent lots of time in R&D to find the strongest material, which also is most resistant to weather extremities; this allowed us to achieve this result.  

When the tines are down they sit at a perfect 90 degree angle to the shaft.  So when the putter is properly held in a plumb bob position the tines will reveal a perfect level of the land.  Naturally when the tines are closed and held in position by the sliding clasp they are well secured. 

The many different uses for the GGLD are amazing and make it extremely formidable as a golfer’s playing aid and trainer.  The GGLD gives the user a perfect reference point to visualize the golf course as they never have before. 

The first aid is to allow the golfer at tee off, to determine the true slant/lean of the fairway that cannot always be determined by the naked eye.

Next the same information can be derived for the approach shot to the green, or even a layup shot.  It is important to know the true amount tilt of any fairway or green to allow one to attempt to place the ball in a proper position as to not roll away and cause difficulty.  Only by being able to compare the areas to a true land level (the GGLD shows) can all of this be determined.

Then the very important and true reason for the GGLD is to allow the user to better see and understand what they are faced with in their attempt to get the ball into the cup on their first putt.  There are many different directions they can eye the putt from that will allow them to determine the many undulations.  What is revealed by the tines when they are at a perfect 90 degree angle to the perpendicular of the putter shaft in a plumb position is uncanny. 

Therefore the GGLD actually enhances and gives the viewer a more pronounced and definite read by them finally having a true reference point to read from.

Finally the golfer is always cognizant of the difficulty in attempting to properly place the putter face in reference to the ball so as to strike it properly in the direction they want it to go.   When the tine is down and points exactly to the path that the golfer wishes to send the ball, the putter head beside the ball is automatically at a 90 degree angle to that line.  No need to worry or attempt to guess if the face is set correctly.  Therefore if the read is fairly good and the pace is accurate, the putt has the greatest chance of dropping into the cup.

As the inventor of this viable and useful piece of equipment; I do know that the golfers will find many more excellent uses for the GGLD.  Its versatility is unending.  Its strength is uncanny.

Thank you for reading this and great luck
with selling the GGLD.  It will take off slowly and smoothly like a 747 Jetliner and then reach heights we both cannot imagine.

Edward J. Signoretti  

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